It’s a truly terrible thing to say, but for some reason, the world absolutely ruddy loves to watch models falling over on fashion runways. 

Dunno why. It’s similar to the ‘can’t look away from a car crash‘ phenomenon, we guess. 

But in this case, the victim of this runway crash was sweet angel Bella Hadid, who seems like the world’s nicest person, and certainly wouldn’t hurt a dang fly. 

She walked the runway for Michael Kors at New York Fashion Week, and unfortunately came crashing down as she turned a corner.

She ended up falling into the one place all models fear, the terrifying cave of hungry monsters: the photographer pit. 

Watch this terrifying snippet: 

Because Bella fell literally right almost on top of the togs with their giant zoom lenses, there’s pretty much only phone camera footage from guests on the other side of the runway. 

We’re sorry. We’re disappointed too. 

But there’s a shit-tonne of photos:

Bless her heart, she posted a photo of the Michael Kors runway to Instagram and added ‘(seconds beforeBella Hadid Took A Helluva Tumble On Michael Kors’ NYFW Runway, RIP BellaBella Hadid Took A Helluva Tumble On Michael Kors’ NYFW Runway, RIP Bella)‘ at the end of her caption to make fun of herself:

Michael Kors today?? Thank you so much for having me in the show @michaelkors @johndavidpfeiffer ?????? (seconds before ????)

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And she’s already become a meme:

WE FEEL YOU, @bellahadid ?? #nyfw #bellahadid #michaelkors

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We’re all only human. Bets are, if any one of us walked in fuck-off sky high heels all-day everyday for our job, we’d fall over every now and then too. 

Sending healing thoughts to Bella‘s poor ankle. 

Source: Instagram / @bellahadid.

Photo: JP Yim / Getty.