Journalist Exposing Manus Island Atrocities Arrested Amid Police Operation

Iranian journalist and Manus Island detainee Behrouz Boochani has been detained by police, as local authorities continue their operation to disperse more than 400 men occupying the island’s shuttered detention centre.

Boochani, who has served as an eyewitness to the treatment of asylum seekers in detention and as a vocal critic of the Australian immigration policy which placed them there, was lead away from the compound this afternoon.

It is unclear why Boochani was arrested.

Fellow asylum seeker Abdul Aziz Adam photographed the moment Boochani was taken from the compound, after saying he and Boochani had been tweeting updates while hiding in one of the detention centre’s toilet blocks.

Previously, Boochani described the situation at the centre, saying police were destroying water tanks and personal belongings in an attempt to move the men to alternative accomodation facilities.

Photographs taken inside the centre show the extent of today’s damage.

Boochani has bravely served as one of the main direct sources of information from the centre, which was officially closed at the beginning of the month.

He has previously asserted that asylum seekers are reluctant to move to the three alternative accomodation centres furbished by the Australian government, citing the fear of reprisals from the local community and lacking medical provisions to those who’ve already moved.

Police operations are ongoing. We’ll update this story as more information becomes available.