The enormous baby beat isn’t normally in PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s wheelhouse, but we feel it is in your best interest, as our dear reader, to feast your eyes on this ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS HUMAN BABY.

The baby, named Brian – an excellent name for a humungous infant – was born in Melbourne yesterday and tipped the scales at a frankly astonishing 6 kilograms. He weighs double the average birth weight – approximately the same as the average five-month-old boy.

It’s not confirmed, but Brian is quite possibly the largest baby born in Victoria. “It was scary because his shoulder got stuck,” said mother Natashia, who unbelievably only had gas for pain relief.

“But I’ve always wanted a natural labour and I’ve always believed in mind over matter and positive thought. I’ve always wanted a big, chubby baby and now I’ve gotten what I want.”

If you pray to the gods for an enormous, chubby baby, this is precisely what you will be given.

The Guinness World Records claims that the heaviest baby ever born to a healthy mother weighed 10.2 kg and was born in 1955 in Italy. That is, in my opinion, far too large.

Source: The Age.

Photo: Channel 7.