Put This Impeccable Trolling Of The NYC Subway Twitter In A Museum ASAP

Folks, the fine and subtle art of trolling is rooted in as much theory and nuance as ordinary joke writing. There are rules, conventions, and boundaries. There’s a certain deftness. It requires an expert hand. When done by the best, there is nothing quite like it.

And if those among you at home are looking for a dictionary definition, a textbook example to serve as the new standard, consider this magnificent rumbling enacted on the poor, unsuspecting NYC Subway social media monitor.

The job of the subway’s Twitter account is bland and straightforward: Provide information about services, inform the public of any disruptions.

In other words, it’s fertile ground. It carries with it much piss that can be taken.

Enter Twitter user @vrunt, who took the most mundane of subway tweets, and made a complete annoyance of themselves through it.

First, the set up:

And then, the punchline:

That is a masterpiece. A classic. The “Who’s on first?” of being an asshole.

Write this down, kids. Just like jokes, the best trolls are almost always the simplest.