Behind the Scenes of Last Nights Party


On NYC based site,, the line between party-pics and straight up porn is getting pretty blury. The man behind the camera is named Bronques, and he can be VERY persuasive. How does he get these girls to take off all there clothes and basically fuck the camera? Does he pay them? does he drug them? The answer to both of these questions is, no. It is shocking and also pretty hilarious to watch these party girls pose, compete, and try prove how ready and willing they are to do basically anything for some new myspace pics, and their 15 minutes in the social spotlight.

Bronques could easily get by with just snapping shots of the “easy” girls. But I think he enjoys a challenge.

I met Bronques last summer when I was living in New York with my boyfriend. The first night I met him was at a club called Hiro, where a mutual friend introduced us. I was really taken aback by his charming/totally intimidating demeanor. He is very tall, muscular and dark. He is african-american, dresses in all black, very tight clothing, and wears a hat that shades the top half of his face. He was really fond of me for some reason. After we met, he turned to my friend and said, “oh my god, she’s beautiful”. My friend and I put our arms around each other for a picture. Before he took the photo he said “wait…”, He put his finger to my mouth and pulled gently down so that my lips were slightly pursed. I was totally LOLing in my head thinking, “who does this guy think he is?!” From that night on he made me his “mission”. He would constantly be asking my friends about me, and trying to do “personal photo-shoots”. At first it was flattering, but after awhile it started to just get annoying. He was so aggressive about it. One time he kissed me right in front of my b/f. Another time I was standing outside smoking a cigarette when he came up behind me, stroked my shoulder/back of neck, and whispered in my ear: “I want to corrupt you”. like, wtf? seriously?

I never did a “personal photo-shoot”, but I’m sure this is his game with all of the more shy, less-easy girls. I could just never take the guy very seriously. I was always very confused about his sexuality. His voice and vocabulary is that of a stereotypical gay man. Supposedly he is Bi, but who knows if that is just part of his act, or what…