Since the dawn of the COVID-19 crisis a few centuries years ago (a few weeks ago), self protective gear has been in incredibly high demand yet in woefully short supply around the world. Items such as face masks, gloves and hand sanitisers are practically 2020’s Prada handbags – if you are even lucky enough to find them in stock. 

Founder of online fashion store Beginning Boutique, Sarah Timmerman this week started up a secondary company called AU Medic Supply.

Using her existing Beginning Boutique warehouse, shipping channels and customer services, this new company is now working to supply face masks, gloves, face shields and hand sanitisers – all of which are in short supply.

The idea came about after Timmerman’s sister, Dr Libby Forsyth, said she struggled to find protective masks for her hospital shifts.

“After a few phone calls to Libby’s contacts, we realised that many frontline personnel who needed them the most were very worried about dwindling supplies of masks, and general protective wear,” Timmerman said.

Hospitals have been running low on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) since the outbreak of COVID-19. Supplies have been exhausted, with many doctors, nurses and other frontline workers stressed they’ll run out of PPE within days.

“Our whole aim is to get people the equipment they need on time and to be able to make a difference,” Timmerman said.

You can pre-order them here. 

Image: Supplied