A Flying Fox Went Batshit & Crashed A Wedding Party In NSW Where It Attacked 6 Guests

bat attacks wedding party in nsw

Six people had to urgently get multiple vaccines after a bat (?!) relentlessly chased and attacked them at a pre-wedding party in NSW’s Central Coast. Clearly someone objected to this holy matrimony and did not want to forever hold their peace.

The bat, a flying fox, appears to have made a beeline for the Lee family while they were grabbing drinks before the wedding at Hardy’s Bistro.

One of the guests tried to catch the confused creature like it was a football being thrown toward him — only for it to fly off and then come back for more.

“Suddenly out of the trees and over the road, this thing went nuts,” Alistair Lee, the father of the groom told Nine News.

“Ten seconds later, the rotten thing came back.”

Honestly, what does this bat know? I suspect there was some piping hot tea spilled and he was throwing hands.

Footage shared by Nine News shows bruises and scratches on the arms of a guest, as well as a video of the creature climbing onto someone’s handbag.

A guest eventually got the bat to cling to a branch, which he then moved across the street and away from the party, ending the fracas.

Jokes aside, this is really odd behaviour from a flying fox which are typically quite sweet creatures that don’t attack people like this.

flying fox attacks party goers nsw central coast sydney
My toxic trait is that I would try to pet this cutie. (Source: Nine).

Wildlife ecologist Tim Pearson told 9 News the bat’s antics were “unusual”.

“If they find themselves on the ground, they go for the nearest tall thing to try and climb to get some height to take off,” he told Nine News.

“But the fact that this one kept coming back is incredibly unusual.”

Flying foxes can carry heaps of viruses and diseases that are dangerous, even fatal, to humans so all six of the wedding guests involved had to be given multiple vaccines that were urgently transported to Gosford hospital from Sydney.

Man, maybe everything in Australia really is out to get us.