Barry Spurr Drops Legal Action Against New Matlida, Wants Leaked E-Mails Back

It’s been one hell of a busy day down at the Downing Centre Local Court. USyd professor and linguistic force majeure Barry Spurr has withdrawn the legal action that was seeking to force New Matilda to reveal the source of the leak that gave them Spurr’s emails, which contained a litany of really, really racist language. Instead, Barry would simply like the emails back.

Here’s a moment to let that last bit really sink in.
The legal action heard in court today heard from Spurr’s council that the suspended professor was simply “collateral damage” in a “political attack on the Federal Government.” Though given that Spurr repeatedly labelled Prime Minister Tony Abbott an “abo lover,” we’re finding that a little hard to comprehend.
Justice Michael Wigney dutifully dismissed that claim and stated that using the Privacy Act makes the case difficult to win for Spurr, given that New Matilda could seek protection under the act as a media organisation or small business.
Arguments that the leak represented a breach in confidence were also dismissed, with Justice Wigney stating that it was difficult to see what exactly was confidential in the emails that New Matilda published.
Spurr dropped this particular arm of legal action against New Matilda, following a previous legal accord that the media outlet would not publish any additional emails.
Spurr’s action is now focused on forcing New Matilda to remove the emails that remain currently published, as well as – and brace yourselves for this one – forcing New Matilda to return the emails.
Return emails. As in, give him something back that is on the internet. Y’know, just have Spurr back the ole’ car up to the Internet building and fill up the boot. Emails that contain many instances of Spurr using phrases like “abo lover,” “mussies,” and “chinky poos.”
Barry Spurr wants his emails back.
We’ll get back to you, Barry.
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