Barry Hall Says He’s Sorry For Disgusting On-Air Comments 

Sacked Triple M commentator and former Sydney Swans player Barry Hall has apologised for last night’s feral on-air comments regarding another colleague’s wife.

Hall had made a crude comment to former St Kilda player and panellist Leigh Montagna about his heavily pregnant wife and a procedure related to birth. An on-air apology for the comments was issued moments after and Hall was immediately removed from the broadcast, his employment with Triple M terminated. This was confirmed in a statement released last night by Mike Fitzpatrick, Head of Content for Triple M, and again repeated this morning by reporter Damian Barrett.

Fitzpatrick had called Hall’s words “unacceptable and inappropriate”. 

Today, Hall told The Sunday Telegraph:

“I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for any offence taken from my commentary on Friday night’s Triple M footy coverage.

“It was a silly thing to say and it is not a reflection of who I am or what my views are.

“I am a proud father and dedicated partner and have nothing but respect for women.”

Hall also apologised to the Montagna family “for any upset I have caused them and wish them all the best with the exciting arrival of their baby.” 

The 41-year-old’s partner Lauren Brant defended Hall’s character telling The Sunday Telegraph, “He is the most adoring partner and loving and proud father and would never want to offend any person, especially women. I say that as an empowered female myself.” 

“Unfortunately my little family is facing the upsetting backlash to a throwaway comment on Triple M Footy.”

Hall had been scheduled to talk about the clash between the Western Bulldogs and Geelong Cats at Etihad Stadium, last night from 6PM to 11PM. The panel included Mark Howard, Nathan Brown, Damian Barrett, Dr Rohan White, Neroli Meadows, and Ash Chua alongside Montagna and Hall.

A majority of the public have denounced Hall’s comments but have also brought into question the behaviour of the other men on the panel, those who were heard laughing. Others also questioned Montagna for discussing the procedure on-air: