No Shit, Barnaby Joyce’s Ex-Wife Natalie Is A Full-On Bodybuilder Now

Barnaby Joyce Natalie Joyce

Sometimes I think about what I’d do if my partner cheated on me and it was all over, as a “living well is the best revenge” kinda move. Move to Hawaii? Lose 20 kilos? Cut an ill-advised fringe? To be honest I’d probably do none of the above, but a breakup contingency plan is a very real thing (just watch the First Wives Club if you don’t believe me). And it seems Natalie Joyce — the ex-wife of Barnaby Joyce, the former deputy PM who created a scandal by knocking up his media advisor Vikki Campion (twice) — has one in place.

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Local outlets including the Daily Telegraph have published pics of Natalie, 49, looking completely unlike her past self, buffed up and tanned to the heavens competing in a bodybuilding contest in Newcastle over the weekend.

The Tele reports that Natalie scored fourth place medals in both the First Timers and Miss Fitness Model Momma categories at the I Compete Naturally (ICN) North Coast Classic bodybuilding competition on Sunday, quoting ICN NSW president Rab Mehajer as saying: “She has come a long way. She graced the stage remarkably well for a 49-year-old woman taking on women in their 20s.”

Natalie’s body transformation, including a 15kg weight loss and biceps that would make Barnaby weep, has been documented on the Instagram account of her Tamworth-based trainer, Kylie Steel.

Just look at Natalie go:

In an interview with Woman’s Day, Natalie said that after her husband and father of their four daughters left her for another woman, she “had two choices: either unravel, or shake myself off and aim to get the best out of myself.”

Natalie explained: “In June last year I looked in the mirror and thought ‘I’m not going to let someone else’s appalling behaviour derail me’. So I joined the local gym, and I’ve never looked back. And I’ve always wanted to compete in a bodybuilding comp.”

This is way more powerful that cutting yourself a fringe with a pair of blunt nail scissors after too several large glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. So for this post-breakup contingency plan Nat, I salute you.