Barnaby Joyce & Vikki Campion To Cop $150,000 For Interview With Seven

Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and his partner Vikki Campion will reportedly make it rain with a hefty $150,000 pay cheque after signing on for an all exclusive interview with Channel 7’s Sunday Night. 

A shame for Channel 9’s 60 Minutes who lost the bidding war.

Folks, it was only a matter of time before this happened.

Why would a TV network pay 150,000 bucks for an interview with a pollie? Well cast your minds back to February 2018 when the whole nation found out Joyce was having an affair with his former media advisor, Campion. And then it was revealed she was pregnant with their child.

Skip right on past the media fury, the roastings, and Labor having a chuckle to February 23 and Joyce resigned as Deputy Prime Minster and leader of the Nationals party.

Then in early March, Joyce went and criticised Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘Bundle of Joyce’ headline by saying there was “a bit of a grey area” in regards to the father of the child. According to Joyce, The Daily Telegraph never specifically asked if the child was his. SMH weren’t amused with this, stuck up for the Telegraph, and confirmed they had contacted Joyce’s office with a list of questions – one of which was “Is Mr Joyce the father of the baby and when is the baby due?”

Sharri Markson, the National Political Editor for the Telegraph even tweeted a copy of the email.

Joyce then back-tracked, admitted this was a mistake, and the Telegraph went onto report “Mr Joyce knows the baby is his… He is said to be blissfully happy and in love with Ms Campion”. 

Fast forward just a little bit more to April 16 and Campion gave birth to the wee little bub, named Sebastian Joyce. 

Joyce junior will also reportedly feature in the exclusive interview.

The child is Joyce’s fifth and Campion’s first. Joyce has four daughters with his estranged wife, Natalie Joyce. 

On February 21, the 51-year-old and his 33-year-old partner gave their first exclusive print interview to Fairfax media where they asked the public and politicians to please move on.