For Once, Q&A’s Panel Agreed On Something: Barnaby Joyce Needs To STFU

It’s a rare thing that unites pretty much the entire Q&A panel, but Barnaby Joyce mouthing off about the paternity of his partner Vikki Campion‘s unborn child was it.

Over the weekend, he publicly stated that there was a “grey area” around whose baby Campion was pregnant with, causing one Nationals MP to call him a “first-class cunt”.

Last night, the issue of our former Deputy Prime Minister was inevitably brought up, and both Greens leader Richard Di Natale and Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek agreed: it’s time for Barnaby to shut the ever loving fuck up.

“I have to say, having read his comments over the weekend, I was lost for words,” said Di Natale. “I thought it was a particularly low thing to do, to accuse somebody of that. And at this point I think there’s the welfare of a former staffer, a family with four kids, a child, and I think we should just let them get on and sort out what is a very difficult situation.”

“I think if I were advising Barnaby Joyce, I would think staying shtum now would be a good idea,” agreed Plibersek.

“It would have been a good idea a week ago,” agreed the Daily Telegraph‘s Sharri Markson, who broke the original story. “Before he did his millionth Fairfax interview.”

“I think it’s been said before, he’s feeding the hand that bites him at the moment,” continued Plibersek.

Liberal Minister for Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity Angus Taylor didn’t comment, nor did British Pakistani novelist Kamila Shamsie – host Tony Jones had moved the conversation on by then.

TBF, it’s been at least three days now since Joyce last spoke to media, so he’s either gearing up for yet other insane interview or has finally learnt to just stop talking. Hopefully it’s the latter.