Barnaby Joyce Has Caught COVID In The US

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has COVID.

He tweeted on Thursday morning that he had tested positive while in Washington DC, and will remain in isolation until further notice. He doesn’t have a great track record of COVID-rule compliance, so let’s see if he can stay put this time.

The rest of the delegation has tested negative.

The Nationals Leader’s statement said he had been experiencing mild symptoms, and that be “chose” to get tested. I should fkn think so.

Deputy Nationals Leader David Littleproud tweeted that he had been in touch with Joyce following the diagnosis.

“He’s isolating in the US until it’s safe for him to come home and we wish him all the best for his recovery,” he tweeted.

Mr Joyce travelled to the UK earlier this month to brainstorm with stakeholders how to rebuild the aviation industry now that Australia’s borders are opening.

He then jetted to the US to stamp his feet about how Mark Zuckerberg has more power than he does.

In October Joyce leapt into action against Facebook after he revealed that his daughter had been the subject of “completely malicious rumours” online. He said it was “absolutely essential” to crack down on social media bullying.

He was scheduled to meet with Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn, who have strong stances against social media over its effect on children.