Barnaby Joyce Picks $4K Heli Trip Over Short Drive, Thrills Only Himself

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce must love helicopter rides much more than he loves not being attacked by the press and public, because he is sure about to be attacked by the press and the public for 2 helicopter rides he decided to take.

The (admittedly, probably very fun) chopper trips were to visit Drake, which is a town in NSW you’ve never heard of and not Drizzy, which might have been way easier to justify to younger taxpayers. 
The $4000 flights would have possibly seemed reasonable if he was visiting somewhere remote but it turns out Drake is just a 40-minute drive from his electorate, which is not all that long and, incidentally, the perfect length for listening to the entirety of seminal art-rock band Sonic Youth‘s album EVOL, if you’re that way inclined.
Australians hate wasteful taxpayer expenditure any day of the week but this is particularly bad because the latest of these flights occurred only a fortnight ago and just 2 days after Turnbull‘s review into MP’s travel spending.
The review was spurred on by Bronwyn Bishop, whose own love of taking very expensive aircraft to travel laughably short distances for work made her look just a little bit out of touch.
Nice one, Barnaby, probs take the car next time, hey mate.
Photo: Getty Images / Stefan Postles.