Barnaby Joyce Has Just Put In For 11 Weeks Off Work Because, Well, Duh

Barnaby Joyce will be taking time off from his parliamentary duties, following what could only be described as a saga of scandals regarding his relationship and subsequent child with staffer Vikki Campion.

As the ABC is reporting, Joyce has applied to the National Party Whip for 11 weeks of personal leave effective immediately, during which we will be paired with a Labor party member who will also not be voting, meaning Joyce’s absence will not affect votes.

The leave comes amid heavy criticism that Joyce is facing for reportedly accepting $150,000 to do an interview with Channel 7 alongside Campion.

Joyce told The Australian that it was Campion’s idea to take the money, which she believed was fair game considering the invasion of privacy she felt the pair had faced.

It almost seems like Joyce faced the level of scrutiny he did specifically because he was fooling around while on a $400,000 taxpayer-funded salary and there was suggestion of related impropriety in the six-figure salary Campion was on, but, hey, who are we to judge.

Given that he has a very, very young child at home at the moment, I can’t imagine the (somewhat justified) scandal he’s facing at work is making his life particularly easy or pleasant.

According to the ABC, Joyce will be back on the job by August 13.