Barnaby Joyce’s Estranged Wife Has Given A Salty Interview About The Bebe

Hooooo boy, mates. Nothing is spicier and more savage than an estranged wife/husband who was publicly scorned going to town in a tell-all interview, especially when said interview is in one of the highest-selling mags in the country.

Natalie Joyce – separated wife of Barnaby Joyce, who recently welcomed a fresh beb with Vikki Campion, his former staff member – has stayed pretty quiet on the “my husband had an affair and then made a baby with the affair lady” front. The only thing she’s said publicly was a statement to media, in which she says she was “deeply saddened by the news that my husband has been having an affair and is now having a child with a former staff member”.

NOT ANYMORE. She’s chatted at length to Women’s Weekly about the experience, and it’s full of smackdowns.

About THAT interview, she had some words. She blames Vikki for selling the story, which like m8 – it does take two to tango…

“I wasn’t surprised she sold their ‘exclusive’ story, and certainly not surprised the $150,000 went to her child, but it begs the question, if Barney agreed to be a part of it, how could he allow his four girls to be overlooked?”

She did watch it with her daughters.

Source: Facebook

“In saying that, I wouldn’t want a cent of that money. It was all we could do to watch it without throwing a brick at the TV!”

She also says the reason she’s done the interview is for her daughters.

“They thought I would lie down, but this time I couldn’t. I’m doing this so the girls feel empowered, and know their mum stood up and defended our fine name.”

Natalie – who was not paid for the interview – also said that she feels Barnaby is  “a man she now believes is on the brink of an inevitable breakdown”.

The full interview is out in the July issue of Women’s Weekly.