The brother of Young LNP member Barclay McGain has taken to TikTok to express his disapproval with his sibling’s views using, you guessed it, a big ol’ googey egg.

In case you missed it, Barclay McGain is the former chairman of the Gold Coast Young LNP who recently went viral for laughing at a racist remark in an interview at Gold Coast Schoolies earlier this week.

“They’re putting our Australian jumper on, they’re gonna sing the anthem,” the ‘schoolie’ told McGain. “I mean, we’ve got to stop celebrating a culture that couldn’t even invent the bloody wheel, for God’s sake.

“We’ve got to start enjoying and living in Western culture,” the unnamed teen finished, prompting McGain to laugh.

Mitch McGain, Barclay’s brother, posted the video less than four hours ago and has already amassed a whopping 27,000 views. Considering his measly 345 followers, this is no small feat.

The video, iconically set to Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls, features Mitch zooming in on a series of news articles about his brother’s now-viral Schoolies interview.

“So my brother is kinda racist…” Mitch writes in the video.

The camera then pans out the window to an unsuspecting Barclay working on his tan in the sun.

“So on behalf of Australia,” he continues before cracking an egg in the centre of his brother’s face.

“it was well deserved,” he captioned the post, tagging #eggboy #ceoofracism #barclaymcgain #younglnp and Barclay’s own TikTok account.

Much like O.G eggboy Will Connolly, Mitch received a whirlwind of praise on social media, with comments including “king”, “I love this” and “you’re the hero we need.”

The video has since been removed from Mitch’s TikTok account. Pedestrian.TV has reached out to Mitch McGain for comment.

Image: TikTok / @mitchmcg