Obama Invokes The Spirit Of The Jobama Memes To Wish Biden A Happy Birthday

Remember when the state of U.S. politics didn’t make you live in fear of nuclear war or despair daily for the wellbeing of poor / female / transgender / Muslim / Black [delete as applicable] Americans?

It was around the time we were all losing our minds over the Barack Obama and Joe Biden memes.



Sure, things weren’t perfect then, either, but at least you didn’t have the President of the United States waging Twitter wars against people of minority on a literal daily basis.

Yep, things are slightly bleaker, but right now in America, it’s Joe Biden’s birthday, and look how Obama wished him a good one:

Sure, it’s a little clunky, but it’s in the spirit of things. The Jobama memes are [briefly] back, baby. Biden hasn’t responded, but finger’s crossed for some kind of equal effort here.