7 Really, Really Solid Tips To Fit Work & Life Around Your Uni Studies

Balancing Uni

Burying your head in books is fun, no? Well, it can be if you’ve got other things going on, like a life. No one likes the person who complains about their probs but can’t get off their ass and do something about it – don’t be that guy.

Rather than gaining some serious hate and eye rolls, get yo’ priorities in order and attract some well-earned jealousy instead. Making dosh while A+ socialising and studying your way to success is legit not as hard as certain spuds think, espesh if you get organised.

We know it’s easier said than done, and that’s why we’ve rounded up the top ways to maximise your potential and keep being you throughout your uni existence. Balancing uni with life can be done.


Only the best kinds of people have schedules, day planners, what have you, basically ‘cos they’re winning at life. Once you jot down the hours you need to set aside for class and study (shock horror) you’ll see how many hours are actually free to throw-down at local watering holes.

We know the lot of you love your tech, but a physical diary is perf for having everything you’ve got going on right in front of you, and you’re definitely more likely to remember your duties as a kickass life liver if you’ve written it down. That being said, keeping your tasks on your mobile will mean you’ve got access to it at all times – find out what works best for you and stick to it like Clag, or a Blu Stick. (‘Scuse the stationery refs, but heck, who didn’t love that cylinder of cobalt beauty?)


Yah, we know, uni costs a bunch. #WORTHIT. Anyway, it’s a pretty ah-maze idea to have a casual or part-time job while you’re on the fast track to kicking life’s butt, if not for the $$$ than for the alternate brain activation and just keeping yo’ head in the game. Extra points if you get an internship and constantly remind yourself of why you’re at uni in the first place. Plus, it will let you smash out the knowledge you’re gaining in the classroom and put that theory into practice.


Yep, you’ve heard it before but it doesn’t get any less true the more it’s said. The real La-Z-Boys (guilty) will know how much difference it can make to get off your booty and get a walk, jog or just move in general.

You’ll feel less needy for that caffeine or four-pack of 350 mL energy dranks if you’ve awakened your mind (yeah, we went there) through the beauty of fitness, and probably won’t unleash your stress on something or someone who doesn’t deserve it, keeping your friends, er, friendly. You’ll also feel minimally crappy about that beer you reward yourself with after you’ve smashed out that assignment (go on, pat your back accordingly – we’ll let ya).


Going to uni pretty much goes hand in hand with shut-eye in lectures, libraries, lunch quads and, well, wherever you can prop your head against something cushy or solid. Given that there are plenty of Facebook pages dedicated entirely to school dozing – like the ones at Newcastle UniCharles Sturt UniMacquarie Uni – you’re probably going to wanna dodge a drool a’flowin, dignity-stripping snap of you online at all costs.

Plus, good sleep is synonymous with a good you. A decent eight hours will have you feeling productive AF, and your concealer usage will go down tenfold, so there’s that too. Pencil the Zzz’s in, OK?


While there are no scientific findings that can show off the effectiveness of Feng Shui, (AKA arranging objects to attract the good vibes), there are thousands of years of Chinese tradition backing the idea. A good-looking desk will make you froth at the thought of getting behind it/ get you on the track to become the VP of getting shit done.

The good guys at Princeton University also did a study that proves how dumb clutter is, with crap on your desk competing for your attention, messing up focus and upping the stress levels. You are also 1,000x less likely to procrastinate if your desk looks as bangin’ as that qt barista, and if you’re hammering through the workload, natch you’ve got more time to throw back a bevvy stress-free with your m8s.


Forget the deadline – well, don’t forget it (that would be ridic), but make personal deadlines before the course deadlines. If you’ve got an assignment due on Monday but have plans with your pals over the weekend, get it done well before the clock ticks 5 p.m. on Fri-yay. Scheduling in a day for Netflix and ze hangover from hell will be one of the most important to remember when getting through uni, something that’s all g’ if you’ve got your affairs in order. Also, you’ll be much better value to your friends if you’re not constantly thinking about your assignment while they’re giving you a play-by-play of their mid-week dilemma.


It’s pretty easy to get fed up with classes, lectures, studying, dat god-awful BO of menace #2 who sits in front of you on Tuesdays, but just remember that it’s all going to pay off in the end.

Get on top of all the aforementioned before the uni year finishes and you’ll be aceing those finals, DW ’bout it. You’re going to feel like a bloody superhero when you get to the finish line and realise that you really did ~have it all~. Study, work, play, REPEAT.