Bad news for Sydney public transport users and even worse news for those people that do insane light rail speedruns to maximise their value: there are no longer any free rides on Opal.

Bad News, Sydney: Your Beloved Free Opal Card Journeys Have Been Axed

It once was the case that after eight journeys in one week, all public transport would be free for the remainder of the week. This led to a cottage industry of people finding incredible ways to exploit the system – which, by the way, the Transport Minister at the time Gladys Berejiklian encouraged.

Encouraged no more. Current Transport Minister Andrew Constance is dropping that little sweetener, instead opting to allow half-price fares after that eight trip limit. 

But look, there’s some positive in the slew of minor changes. Now if you take two modes of transport in one trip – like, say, a bus and a train – you’ll get a $2 discount against the cost. So… you got that going for ya.

But nonetheless. Vale $0 Opal day. You were a beautiful, shimmering mirage. A wonderful slice of pure experience in a week of drudgery. The limitless possibilities of $0 Opal day were almost too much to conceive. You could, for example, catch a train from Bondi Junction to Blacktown, with nary a care in the world. Halcyon days indeed.

RIP. 🙁

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Photo: Transport NSW.