Backpackers Escape Horrific Wolf Creek-Style Attack On Deserted SA Beach

Two backpackers are recovering in Adelaide‘s Flinders Medical Centre after surviving what’s being described as a Wolf Creek-style attack on a beach at Coorong National Park in Salt Creek, South Australia.
The European women, both in their 20s, were rescued after one of them managed to escape a 59-year-old man – who’s been arrested and charged with attempted murder and kidnapping – and run, naked and covered in blood, down the deserted beach screaming for help.
By a serious stroke of luck, a group of fisherman were nearby and able to assist the badly injured woman, calling for help just before 6.30pm last night.
“They were able to comfort and secure her and make a call to the police,” confirmed police Superintendent James Blandford. “Given the nature of the charges, their [the alleged victims] situation was obviously very dire and they were somewhat distressed.”

Among the rescuers were Ali Mohammed and Abdul-Karim Mohammed, who told Seven News about the moment they came across the first victim and it’s nothing short of chilling.

“She ran straight to the car yelling,” they said. “She opened the back door, jumped straight in and like, ‘get me out of here, get me out of here.

“He’s going to kill us all.”

The women are said to have befriended their attacker the previous day, en route from Adelaide to Victoria, before camping out in the deserted national park overnight.
The site of the attack, in Coorong National Park.

The man, believed to be a drifter from Adelaide, is alleged to have turned on the pair, holding them captive and sexually assaulting them before trying to kill them.

“They effectively found themselves in a situation that has turned out to be scary and physically bad for them,” said Superintendent Blandford.
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It took police two hours to track down / arrest the alleged attacker, who was found with a 4×4 covered in blood and bogged in the sand.
Aerial footage of police arresting the alleged attacker.
It’s unclear if the second victim was located with him or if she also managed to escape earlier on, but she’s believed to have suffered serious head injuries.
The man was remanded in custody after appearing in Adelaide Magistrate’s Court via video link, shackled and wearing a hospital gown.
Police are continuing their investigations into the horror attack. 
Photo: ABC News.