Bachie’s Resident Clinger Emma Reckons “Terrible Editing” Makes Her Look Clingy AF

We’re only two juicy episodes into Bachie season and we’ve already picked the clinger. But resident clinger Emma Roche is now claiming that she’s not clingy at all and it’s all the editor’s fault.

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Now, as a self-proclaimed clingy bitch myself, I understand that it’s not the most alluring title one could hold, but sometimes you’ve just gotta except that you’re a little… needy.

“God, he’s beautiful, I love him,” Emma said in an early interview, “No, I really … I don’t, but, yeah.”

Clingy? What? No.

From the moment the 32-year-old brand manager locked eyes with this year’s Bachie Matt, she was absolutely smitten. I don’t blame her, she is on a TV show with the sole purpose of finding love, so it’s not exactly out of character for her to be hooked. But fans were quick to label her a “stage 15 clinger” after last night’s episode.

Emma was quick to shut down the “rumours” that she may be a little bit clingy, claiming that it’s all “terrible editing” that portrayed her like that.

Umm… sure sweetie.

She took to Instagram to slam the show’s editors, telling fans that they shouldn’t “believe everything you see”.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that TV producers will edit things to make them spicier for readers, but it seems like Emma has kinda set herself up for this on.

“I hate to be sharing, but I feel so lucky to be here, and to be in with a chance to find the love of my life. I can’t even believe, I’m saying that,” she said after meeting him, once.

Emma opened up in an OK! interview this week about her feelings towards Matt. Not quite sure if Matt is on the same page, or even in the same book, but sure.

“We’re definitely on the same page as we’re the same age, we’re both mature and both know what we want. I definitely think we have a lot of similarities and are a good match for each other.”

She also used the interview as an opportunity to clear up that she’s not this season’s Cass, who was branded as the stage 5 clinger in the Honey Badger season.

“Cass is a beautiful girl, but I’m nothing like her,” Emma told OK! magazine.

But even other girls in the house seem to have labelled her the resident clinger.

“I think Emma is a bit clingy,” Rachael, who arrived in an actual WEDDING DRESS said. “There’s stage five, and then there’s Emma, so I would say she’s like a stage 10, 15. I’m not threatened by that desperado, thank you next!”

So there you have it. Emma is apparently NOT a clinger and we’ve got it all wrong. I guess we’ll just have to see how she acts for the rest of the season. I’m sure she’ll be super chill and definitely doesn’t have their first four kids names picked out.