Baby Names Inspired By Breaking Bad, Homeland and G.O.T. Edge Out Royals In Popularity

Online cuteness depository have released their Most Popular Baby Names Trends list for 2013 and found that instead of taking influence from the royals (royaaals), expectant parents are increasingly looking to fictional television characters from shows like Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones and Homeland for inspiration as to what to call their pukey, poopy, squidgy little bundles of love.

Presumably thanks to the epic rise in popularity of Breaking Bad while people were Making Babies this year, newborns named Skyler reportedly rose 70% (although the character’s name is spelt Skylar), while there are 17% more Jesses running around this year, yo. Homeland appears to have attracted a lot of fans who are up the duff, with Brodys up by 40%, Danas by 66% and Carries a whopping 200% (although we’re not sure if this particlaur increase is due to parents-to-be hoping their offspring will identify with a highly intelligent CIA agent, or a disturbed telekinetic high schooler with homicidal tendencies). Arya made it into the Top 100 for the first time, up 183%, and 2013 saw the first baby Sansa registered on the BabyCentre website. No Baby Joffreys to speak of yet. The birth of the Royal Baby Prince George didn’t inspire many namesakes, with his name and other Royal Family names like William, Harry, Charles, Kate and Catherine all dropping in popularity.

The Top 10 names remain largely traditional, with Olivia, Emily and Sophia topping the girls list, and Oliver, Jack and Charlie the most popular boys names in 2013.

Via The Independent. Lead image via Twitter