Mum Of UK Baby Born With Single Enormous Tooth Decides To Bottle-Feed

A British mum who gave birth for the first time in January was surprised to see her newborn baby sporting an absolutely huge front tooth. A big chomper on a tiny human who is not meant to have any teeth at all.

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While the baby and mum are absolutely fine and healthy, it’s certainly a fairly rare occurrence, with only one in every 2,000 babies born with what they refer to as natal teeth. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen a human baby, they’re largely born without teeth and will generally start getting them when they’re between four and seven months old.

18-year-old mum, Bethany Green, told that baby Avery‘s tooth is now “massive” at four weeks old. After her midwife recommended the tooth be checked out by a dentist, Green says they that the practice was actually pretty stoked to be getting a look at it.

“They wanted me to come into an appointment where a student dentist is there as well so they can learn about it,” she said.

You can see Avery and her huge tooth here.

Green, who didn’t realise she was pregnant until seven months in, is studying and working part-time as a waitress but has plenty of support from her folks, who she says are “very proud” of both her and her toothy bub.

In some situations, doctors can remove an early tooth if there’s a danger it could come loose and go into the baby’s lungs, if it could ulcerate the baby’s tongue, or if it’s painful for the mother to breastfeed. In most cases, the teeth just mature as normal baby teeth, honorary consultant in paediatric dentistry at the University of Central LancashireProfessor Richard Welbury, told

Needless to say, Green has decided to bottle-feed Avery.