Awkward: Tinder Social Is Outing Which Of Your FB Mates Are Swiping

The news yesterday that Tinder were trialling a group dating option named Tinder Social in Australia was greeted with some confusion. What is this? Is this for group sex? Is this for swingers? Is this extremely weird and potentially awkward? The answer to all these questions is yes.

But the current chatter online has turned to a different issue entirely – privacy. One of the big drawcards of Tinder is that it’s somewhat private, and you’re reasonably insulated from your mates having a giggle at your shit bio and/or photos.
Well, not anymore! In the interface that lets you create groups, you can see a list of all your mates who are available for the service – which, by default, includes everyone signed up for Tinder. 
Because it’s opt-out, and you gotta go to the app settings and turn it off. Obviously this is a concern for people who are using Tinder on the sly while in a relationship, or anyone who doesn’t want to be caught using the app. Before now it was just a paralysing, hellish journey of wondering when someone you know inevitably stumbles onto your profile.
The service is being beta tested in Australia before it rolls out to the rest of the world, so presumably these minor privacy hiccups will be ironed out along the way. But until then, if you want to participate in these bizarro group encounters, then just know that your mates can see ya swipin’, ya dirty dog.
PEDESTRIAN.TV takes no stance on people who use Tinder Social group dating. But we did ask some people what their worst Tinder horror stories are. Make of that what you will:

Source: TechCrunch.
Photo: Tinder.