The Australian public transport system really brings out the best in people*. Just like the vulgar City Rail passenger glorified for all of YouTube to see last month, even more disgusting commuter behaviour has been captured via mobile device, this time showcasing a sickening display of racism aboard a packed bus.

Despite the fact we are living in 21st century Australia, the ignorance-fueled ‘pack mentality’ responsible for spurring on acts of racism is – clearly – still yet to become an embarrassing relic of our past. Here’s hoping that as more and more people share their experiences and work towards identifying perpetrators, the ‘people’ involved in incidents like the following might wake up to themselves.  Particularly the gentleman pushing his child in a stroller.

Warning: The language used in this clip is explicit and might offend, so view at your discretion.


Words by Nikki Brogan
Thanks to Matt Rabbidge for the tip.