The Netherlands’ Far Right Party Imploded Over An Ava Max Song, And We Are Forced To Stan

Ava Max

We spend so much time in these parts talking about how Australian politics is cooked, we sometimes forget that it’s equally deranged in other parts of the world. This week, there’s a doozy of a story out of the Netherlands, where the country’s far right party essentially imploded after a prospective MP hijacked a Bluetooth speaker to play an Ava Max song. Serving bops, turning looks and dismantling right-wing nationalism – we are truly not worthy of this queen.

This week, four senior members of the country’s populist Forum voor Democratie (FvP) party resigned, saying that founder Thierry Baudet has failed to do enough to tackle right-wing extremists in the party’s youth wing. According to a letter received by Dutch media outlets, though, these resignations came following an explosive argument at a dinner on November 20, when several party members used a speaker to play pop music, to Baudet’s extreme annoyance.

According to Dutch political commentator Jaap Jansen, prospective MP Joost Eeerdmans declared that he was sick of listening to “classical FM”, so he decided to blast ‘Kings & Queens‘ by Ava Max instead, after which a colleague played some “French jazzy music.”

This led founder Baudet to shout: “This is the party of classical music! We only play classical music here!” Honestly, just imagine the sad spittle flecks flying out of this furious man’s mouth as he heard his precious Brahms rudely interrupted by bops. What a treat.

The argument over music was reportedly one of “multiple” incidents at the dinner, at which Baudet was also said to have made “antisemitic statements”. Journalist Tom van der Meer says that Baudet “exploded sick hard” at Eeerdmans, who was among the four who resigned, complaining of failures to “clear out the rot” in the party.

This situation has left the populist FvD at an impasse. Baudet himself recently stepped down as party chairman, after repeated criticisms of his failure to tackle extremist elements, while the resignation of its members has left it without sufficient candidates to field at the country’s general elections in March. Ava Max playing a small but pivotal role in smashing fascism – we love to see it!

A recent tweet of Ava’s celebrating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris‘ victory in the US election has since been shared in Dutch media circles, as proof of her own political leanings.

As Ava herself said, “Disobey me, then baby, it’s off with your head.” We have no choice but to Stan forever.