In some bloody good news for a change, it looks like Victoria will come out of its hard lockdown as planned at 11:59pm on Tuesday – but some tight restrictions will remain.

A final decision is not expected until late Monday, but according to The Herald Sun sources close to Victorian health officials have said that it’s “very likely” restrictions will be lifted.

However, the easing of restrictions will be a lot slower and more cautious than what we had previously seen between the fourth and fifth lockdown. That is, unless vaccination rates increase to well over 50 per cent, The Herald Sun reports.

Two anonymous ministers also gave the Sydney Morning Herald similar information, and expressed confidence the rules would ease this week.

“We said we wanted all cases to be in iso and we’ve got there … but [public health rules] won’t go back to normal quickly,” one told the SMH.

Those sources also revealed that the easing of restrictions in Victoria would depend on three key sets of information. The first two being tests results from the Prahran Market and Dockland apartment building exposure sites. The third is test results from Victorians who are about to complete two weeks of isolation.

If for whatever reason there’s a massive spike in cases then the lockdown might be extended, however that is unlikely.

Speaking at a press conference today, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said that he hoped to ease restrictions after the state recorded 11 cases today.

“It’s my hope that we’re able to ease some of the restrictions that we’re living under,” Andrews said.

“Things are strong, things are solid. But things can come from nowhere in those next couple of days.”

Of those 11 cases, all were in isolation for their infectious period – which is a welcome relief for Victorians. 17,370 vaccine doses were also administered and 32,385 test results were received.

Image: Getty Images / Daniel Pockett