Austrian Guy Reinvents The Door, Makes Normal Doors Look Like Crummy Pieces Of Garbage

As someone whose entire product design knowledge was built by watching over 60 ice cream punnets worth of Grand Designs episodes, I feel fairly confident in saying that only three types of doors exist in this world (please correct me if I’m wrong, door Nazis).  

One slides laterally along a track and is named for a terrible Gwyneth Paltrow movie, one swings outwards on hinges mounted to a frame, and one rolls up and down to shield where the BMW sleeps. But now there’s a technologically advanced fourth type and comparing it to the other three is like comparing the timeless gaze of the Mona Lisa to a floating piece of garbage you found in the ocean and nailed to a broken Ikea table.   
Vienna based Austrian designer Klemens Torggler combines the quiet artistry of an origami artist, the unadorned utility of a Swiss army knife and the engineering cunning of an aviation scientist to revolutionise the way we hide our mess from other people. Instead of the traditional slide, swing or roll we’re used to, Torggler’s creation, the Evolution Door, pivots on a floating set of axes which allow a set of folding soft-edged panels to glide to open and closed positions in a tremendous feat of design that is at once hypnotic, aesthetically pleasing, space conscious and sure to make your friends jealous.     
The future is now…

Via Gizmodo