Australia’s Top Osama Bin Laden Google Searches

What do our Google searches say about us? Can search trends be considered a true reflection of our society’s values? These are the questions that no one with a sex life would ask themselves regularly.

Since al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was killed on Monday (May 2) every half-ass information sharing platform the internet has got has been flooded with all manner of content and coverage. From on-site news reports to subjective opinion pieces, to 140-characters commentary, politically-charged satire, and even coverage of the coverage.

Almost everyone in the world is following the story, and here is a look at where Australian internet users are of mind regarding Osama Bin Laden’s death based on Top Google Searches.

When I typed in Osama Bin Laden:

In our anti-“too soon?” society it’s not surprising to see the search for Osama Bin Laden Jokes ranked highly. I thought that Osama Bin Laden Games was odd though. Curiosity compelled me to search it and I was directed to a computer game called “Blow Up Osama Bin Laden!!”:

They want to get it on with killing? Weird.

When I typed in Osama:

Interestingly, more popular than the – evidently – very popular topic “Osama Bin Laden Jokes” was Australian soccer player Osama Malik who plays for Adelaide United.