Australia’s First Oxygen Bar Opens In Sydney

We don’t know how critically/frequently you think about air but if you ever wish it had more “flavour” or begrudge sharing it with others (mouth breathers right?) this is the place for you. Following a business model that seemed mildly insane when it launched in Japan eight years ago, the first dedicated oxygen bar in Australia has now opened in Sydney. Aside from the irrefutable proof that Sydney is the most superficial city in Australia, Darling Harbour’s O2 Bar provides patrons with up 90% pure oxygen or what we now call the coconut water of breathing. Purported benefits include “increased energy”, “an uplifted refreshing feeling”, “relief of toxic headaches such as hangovers”, “relief of stress” and “higher concentration levels” while a 16-strong menu offers delightful scents in lavender, coffee bean and watermelon. You can peruse each “flavour” and their intended effects below. At a dollar per minute we’ll stick to the regular stuff thank you very much.

IRVANA – (Lavender) Soothing
REVITALIZE – (Wintergreen) Revitalizing
CLARITY – (Eucalyptus) Invigorating
TROPICAL BIKINI – (Watermelon) Exotic
ECLIPSE – (Peppermint) Cleansing
PINA COLADA – (Coconut) Euphoric
PUMPKIN SPICE – (Pumpkin Spice) Nostalgic
FRENCH VANILLA – (Vanilla Bean) Comforting
SUBLIME – (Lime) Energizing
SYNERGY – (Spearmint) Equalizing
TANGERINE DREAM – (Tangerine) Cheering
JASMINE – (Jasmine) Sensual
LEMON GRASS – (Lemon Grass) Refreshing
JUST PEACHY – (Peach) Relaxing
STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE – (Strawberry) Decadent
CAPPUCCINO – (Coffee Bean) Rousing

O2 Bar – Shop FF08, Level 2, Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour.