Australian Woman Dies During Plastic Surgery Procedure In Mexico

The family of a Gold Coast woman who died while undergoing a plastic surgery procedure in Mexico have released a statement describing the depths of their loss, and slamming the cosmetic surgery industry.

Per ABC News, 29-year-old Eva Sarmonikas went into cardiac arrest on the operating table on Friday, during the unspecified procedure in US-Mexican border town of Mexicali.  
Friends have mourned the loss of an “outgoing and bubbly” young woman, while her grief-stricken family have since released a statement on Facebook, saying:
This was not the way to go home, no woman should risk death to improve on perfection. As beautiful as Evita was inside and out, she still had certain inadequacies as almost every woman on Earth does. Her perfect and whole soul was not strong enough in light of a world that constantly bombarded her with an urgency to demand more from herself and her body. These near perfect graphic comparisons our young women are bombarded with … are too much for innocent hearts to battle, and the consequences can be fatal.  

Tomorrow morning when you look in the mirror, say to yourself, ‘I am enough, I am worthy, I am perfect just the way I am’.  Don’t listen to a world that is hungry to fill your insecurities with poison. Stop feeding an industry that hates humans, especially women in the natural state and their perfect birth bodies.

The Australian Medical Association have not commented on this specific case, but its Vice President Dr Stephen Parnis issued a more general warning to Australians looking to travel overseas for surgical procedures.

“Our concern is a person will go overseas with the presumption things will be cheaper, but if a complication occurs the ability to manage that is reduced on the other side of the globe,” he told the media. 
“Every medical procedure has the risk of complications. There is no such thing as zero risk. If you can vouch for the standards, the accreditation and the scrutiny that medical systems in Australia have, that’s wonderful, but we can’t vouch for those things overseas.”
Image via Facebook