Australian Man Wrongly Suspected Of Bangkok Bombing Turns Himself In

An Australian man has voluntarily turned himself in to Thai police after rumours began to spread that he was the man who appeared in CCTV footage of yesterday’s devastating bombing in Bangkok.  

Sunny Burns, an actor, model and English teacher, approached police to clear his name, after images began circulating online comparing him with the tousle-haired suspect. 
The young Aussie posted photos of himself on his social media accounts, along with an update saying that he was being treated fairly by police, and a plea for the real culprits to be found.

Burns said:
“I forgive everyone who spread those horrible rumours about me. I love this country and let’s fight together. Let’s find this bomber. I’m not a terrorist.”
He added:

“I’m not a terrorist and the photo of the terrorist looks nothing like me. I would never wear those [clothes] – I’m a fashion blogger … I’ll keep you posted but please pray for Thailand. I’m Australian and we are battlers … I still love you Thailand.”

Thai police currently suspect that the bombing was carried out by an anti-government group, and are looking for a young man who was seen slipping off a backpack near the Erawan Shrine in the moments before the blast.