An Australian man has been caught in Bali with almost 12 grams of cocaine in his possession.

Brendon Luke Johnsson, a 43-year-old architect originally from Sunshine Coast, had been living in Bali for four years with his Balinese girlfriend when police raided his place.

13 plastic bags containing the drugs had apparently been stashed under his floor boards. In total, the bags have a street value of around 40 million rupiah (over $3 thousand AUD).

“I have a sore leg, stress at work, just yeah,” Johnsson spoke to the press, with balaclava overhead. “That’s pretty much it.” The balaclava is a common Balinese practice to let the accused hide their identity when going through the media circus.

Johnsson’s step-dad, Ashley Robinson, also fronted the cameras to share his family’s pain. “Obviously our family’s really struggling at the moment,” Robinson said, “and I really would like everyone to respect our privacy.”

“But we’re also a family who doesn’t walk away from things.”

Apparently, according to his step-dad, Johnsson has been dabbling in drugs since his mid-teens.

“He’s a great kid, he would not hurt a fly,” Robinson told reporters, “but it’s something that has been with him since he was 16, and he’s 45 now.”

According to Indonesian laws, if someone’s caught with under 5 grams, they’re looking at between 5-20 years. If someone’s caught with over 5 grams, however, they can get anywhere from 20 years to the death penalty.

That being said, it’s obviously no secret that Indonesian drug laws are well and truly horrifying, and anyone willing to deal with drugs there definitely know the risks.

If Johnsson is found guilty, from what we can gather, he could face up to 20 years in Indonesian prison.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have offered their assistance.

Image: 7News