An Aus Family In The US Thought They Were Getting Sent Snacks But Wound Up With A Skull Instead

An Australian family living in Alaska got the shock of their lives when they opened up a box full of Aussie treats to find a skull inside.

Andrea Eastley said her family were expecting a package from their grandma in Australia. When the box arrived, a bunch of your classic sweets and treats were listed on the package including Maggi gravy mix (great choice), Allen’s lollies and ginger nut biscuits.

But when they opened it up, they found what looked like an animal skull, a piece of fabric with symbols on it, and some preserved fish.

Definitely not a handy bag of gummy snakes.

In the comments of the family’s Instagram post, a number of users said the piece of fabric looked a bit like a Khmer hex chart from Cambodia. It’s also unclear what the skull is, though as one commenter pointed out, it looks very similar to this resin replica of a Nargacuga from the Monster Hunter video game.

So potentially this was simply a gift from one gaming fan to another which somehow got mixed up in customs?

Eastley told SBS she wasn’t sure whether the skull was real. She added she couldn’t find a trademark stamp on it and said it was a bit dirty. Great.

The family has a theory something must have gone wrong when the package passed through customs in the US.

“We think the package had been opened by customs to inspect, and they have put the wrong stuff back in it,” Eastley said. 

Australia Post also didn’t have any specific answers. But it told SBS according to its system, the package arrived in America back in October. The Eastley family didn’t receive the package till December.

According to the United States Postal Service (USPS) website, most international mail is subject to customs examinations.

Customs employees are responsible for repacking and resealing mail of foreign origin after customs examination,” the website said. 

Eastley said she’d reached out to USPS regarding the sitch. She was going to return the items to the post office after Christmas.

Presumably some lucky person out there has miraculously ended up with a delicious box full of ginger nut biscuits, but is wondering exactly what happened to their mysterious skull.