We’ve done it, folks. Today’s the day. Zero cases of community transmission have been officially recorded in the past 24 hours, anywhere in Australia. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

It’s the first time we’ve got that number down to zero sine June 9, almost five months ago.

After all we’ve gone through – particularly with the second wave in Melbourne – this is a massive achievement and everyone should be extremely proud.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt made the announcement on advice from the National Incident on Sunday afternoon.

“Thank you to all of our amazing health and public health workers, and above all else the Australian people,” he said in a tweet.

Not everyone’s stoked about Hunt being the one to make this announcement, though.

After all, he had been publicly pressuring Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and the state’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton to end the lockdown and open back up.

But regardless, it’s not Hunt who deserves the credit, it’s us; for staying at home, for wearing masks, for changing plans and for making sacrifices.

If Victoria can declare a Donut Day after clocking zero cases of community transmission, perhaps it’s time for a national Donut Day as well.

It would literally make the accomplishment that much sweeter.

Almost no other country in the world has managed to get not one but two coronavirus waves back down to zero cases of community transmission.

It’s a feat that puts us in the company of New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

China has also gone from being the initial epicentre to frequently recording zero cases per day, while heaps of Pacific island nations were smart enough to shut their borders early and avoid the pandemic altogether.

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While NSW did in fact record a single case on Saturday night, it was after the 8pm cutoff to make the tally.

Most states are also continuing to report a steady stream of cases among returned travellers in hotel quarantine.

So yeah, we’re not actually in the clear yet, and we almost certainly won’t be until a vaccine comes around.

But this is still a gigantic milestone that we’ve all earned.

If it’s safe to do so, by all means, get on the beers, or whatever else is your beverage of choice.

Let’s keep up the good work.

Image: Getty Images / Géza Bálint Ujvárosi & titoOnz