The Government Wants ‘Straya To Be The World’s “Number One Cannabis Supplier’

The Federal Government wants Australia to be “potentially the world’s number one medicinal cannabis supplier” and will allow allow exports of cannabis-based medicines, according to Health Minister Greg Hunt.

Despite the fact we’ve illustrated this story with our friend Snoop tucking into a suspiciously small joint, the government doesn’t have their eyes on weed per se. The changes apply to cannabis-based oils, patches, sprays, lozenges and tablets intended to help relieve pain and symptoms of a number of conditions.

Speaking to the ABC, Hunt confirmed there would be “more than enough” local production of cannabis products to furnish an export market, while also clarifying that they ought to be made available to Australian patients first. “The sector is fully supportive of that,” he said. “Australian patients come first.”

In the ABC interview, Hunt also addressed the concerns of some activists that the availability of medicinal cannabis in some states, like Victoria, was irrelevant if few doctors were actually willing to prescribe it:

There are now no real government barriers at all to accessing medicinal cannabis. It is up to individual doctors — governments shouldn’t interfere in the prescribing practices of individual doctors […] We are working with the Australian Medical Association and the College of GPs to ensure that doctors have the full information, so they can ensure whether this is or isn’t in the best interest of their patients.

So there you go, folks. Australia: the world’s next cannabis superpower. This unfortunately does not include your mate Daveo, who is currently growing some dirty, dry weed in the garden bed next to his landlord’s frangipanis. He is unfortunately still committing a crime. Bloody Daveo!