Just when you thought Australia couldn’t get more cooked, here we are. 

Deeply disturbing photos have emerged from a north Queensland township, Kuranda, detailing what can only be a sneak peek of the upcoming film Alien: Covenant.’ 

Australia Remains Completely Cooked in 2017 As Snake Inhales Entire Wallaby

The images show a snake of disturbingly long proportions eating a wallaby – fully unhinged, inhaled whole, and so on. Initially, a horse appears to check out the action, but makes the very calculated decision to back the fuck off. 

Contrary to popular belief snakes don’t actually dislocate their jaw to eat such huge prey. Their bloody skulls are flexible, and have way more joints than ours, so their jaw can unhinge in not one, but two places. 

To make matters infinitely more creepy, the bottom and top half of snakes’ mouths are not even connected. While we have bones that only allow our jaw to open an appropriate amount, snakes have very stretchy ligaments, so each side can move on its own accord. 

How bloody warped. And, of course, this wallaby will hang out in the snake’s system for weeks. He’s probably feeling full as a goog right now. 

Who knows how the photographer, Bernie Worsforld, managed to document the entire ordeal without throwing up, passing out, or being killed. I, for one, am not too keen to find out. 

Source: 7 News Queensland. 

Photo: Twitter / Bernie Worsfold.