Australia Has Ranked Dead Fucken Last On Climate Policy In A ’Yuge Global Performance Index

CCPI climate policy australia last

Australia’s been ranked dead last for our utterly fucked climate change policy in an annual review of more than 60 countries, which is almost entirely too embarrassing to publicly write down.

After German-based advocacy group Germanwatch consulted with around 450 climate and energy experts worldwide, the annual independent monitoring too – the 2022 Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) – was released.

The CCPI ranks 60 countries and the European Union (a further 27 nations) on things like policy, greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, and energy use.

It sees Australia slipping down to place number 55 overall (down four places from last year) and the only country to cop a big, fat zero on climate policy.

Can’t imagine this rating has been helped by the government’s performance at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow whatsoever.

climate change policy ranking 2022
The worst of the worst. Good. Great. [Image: CCPI 2022]
To put it in perspective, the two nations above Australia on the policy rankings is Algeria and Brazil, and one of those countries has been logging the largest rainforest on the plant for the last quarter of a century. In the overall ranking, the only countries worse than Australia are Korea, Chinese Taipei, Canada, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Kazakhstan.

climate change policy ranking 2022
Cool! [Image: CCPI 2022]
On top of all of this, the CCPI also determined Australia to be the ultimate “loser” of the whole shebang, noting that the country has been “continuously performing very low in the CCPI ranking” since 2014. Seven years of being the fucking worst at climate change performance, love that for us.

“The government does not have any policies on phasing out coal or gas, but CCUS and hydrogen are being promoted as low emissions technologies,” the index’s report on Australia read.

“Even though the renewables electricity is growing, the experts believe that Australia has failed to take advantage of its potential, and other countries have outpaced it.

“Despite public support for a net zero target, there is currently no national plan for transitioning to renewable energy, with the policy uncertainty undermining investment and causing energy supply concerns.”

An unsurprising read, but absolute dogshit information nonetheless. I guess the only way is up, right?