Aus Post Is Considering Price Hikes & Less Deliveries So Where Does That Leave Cards From Nan?

aus post price hike fewer deliveries

Australia Post is considering raising the costs of stamps and cutting back on the number of deliveries in an effort to save the public mail system and bring it more into the modern world.

Per the Sydney Morning Herald, the Federal Government is looking for ways to salvage the gov-owned business after it reported that letters losses pushed out to $189.7 million in December and recorded its first full-year loss since 2015.

The possibilities of bumping up postage stamp prices and pulling back on the number of letter deliveries are being considered in a discussion paper by Finance Minister Katy Gallagher and Communications Minister Michelle Rowland on Thursday. The discussion noted that paper letter deliveries have become a financial burden on Australia Post in recent years.

Unsurprisingly, Aus Post chief executive Paul Graham said parcel business is booming with numbers hitting above pre-COVID levels in the last year. Thank you to the Depop, Marketplace and online shopping girlies for your service.

The government is looking for public feedback on slower delivery speeds on the priority letter service — not express post — and pulling back on how many letters are being delivered every time the postie comes by the house.

So because we’ve all largely opted for online bills, email communications and birthday posts on Facebook from various relatives and high school friends, snail mail is probably going to get even slower. What do we even call that? Sloth mail? Glacier mail?

But hey, maybe this will be the final nail for all those older relatives who simply insist on sending hard cash in cards through the mail for every birthday. But maybe give nan the heads up to send all cards a good three weeks before any major card-sending events so they actually get to your letterbox on time.

RIP to anyone suddenly getting right into sending letters to friends in the post, though. Looks like it might be getting a whole lot slower (and more expensive) in the future.