WA Police Investigating Photo Allegedly Showing Nazi Flag At Australia Day Party

WA Police are investigating photos that show a Nazi flag being flown at a party held on Australia Day in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

Last week Welcome to Country reported that Facebook users had spotted a public post captioned “Stay white Australia, Happy Victory Day” featured a home-made Nazi flag, with a photo allegedly from the same party showing a map of Australia with a Swastika drawn over it.


Pictured: Some complete fuckwits giving art a bash. (Photo: Facebook)

Goldfields-Esperance District Police Acting Superintendent Tony Colfer told the ABC that the issue was currently being looked into:

We don’t tolerate this kind of behaviour in our community. These people need to have a serious think about what they’re doing, because material like this hurts everybody.

The photos have arguably rendered a some of the subtext of the argument around changing the date of Australia Day as simply text, with the date becoming something of an ideological battleground for those that see the day as being inherently tied to the identity of white Australia. It also seems kind of odd that one Indigenous activist using an obvious metaphor ties up the news cycle for days while literal Nazi paraphernalia doesn’t warrant any response from the commentators who slammed Tarneen Onus-Williams. Priorities, I guess.

Shout out to the insane genius who decided publicly posting a photo of a flag with a Swastika on it and tagging sixteen of his mates in it was a good idea. What a genius.