Christ, The Australia-China Meme War Has Reached ‘Please Sink Australian Wine’ Stage

Politicians from across the globe have vowed to sink 100% pure Australian piss to thumb their noses at China, which just slapped massive tariffs on Aussie wine as part of a broader trade dispute.

The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, a consortium of pollies from all over the shop, has produced a video showing its members sinking local drops in “solidarity with Australia.”

In case you missed it, China, which accounts for an astonishing 37% of Australia’s wine export market, recently imposed tariffs which could triple the price of Aussie wine.

Now, politicians from across Europe, Japan, and the US want folks to fill that hole in Australia’s wine market.

Supporting Australia in this particular stoush is as easy as “drinking a bottle or two of Australian wine and letting the Chinese Communist Party know that we will not be bullied,” Swedish Christian Democratic Elisabet Lann says in the video.

I somehow doubt sinking a fuckload of 19 Crimes will plug that particular hole, but have at it:

It’s a pretty diverse group in terms of political views, too.

The video features Danish MP Uffe Elbaek, who founded green party the Alternative, and US Congressman Ted Yoho, a conservative Republican best known to Australians for being the guy accused of using sexist slurs against Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Those figures aren’t coming together for drinks just because Aussie wine is gonna be more expensive in China.

The trade dispute is backdropped by broader political tensions between the two nations, which this week led a senior Chinese government official to post a meme drawing attention to alleged war crimes committed by Australian troops.

Horrific war crime allegations, and broader trade war disputes, are not traditionally litigated over Twitter (besides, more focus should be put on the allegations themselves than any shit-stirring from foreign powers).

But, considering the meme and this new video, it’s clear we now live in the era of shitpost diplomacy. It’s almost enough to make you want to reach for the bottle yourself.