Australia, Brace Yourselves For ‘Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’

News beginning to trickle in from Canberra this afternoon states that long-serving National Party leader Warren Truss is set to announce his retirement from Federal politics as soon as tomorrow.

Truss has held the leadership position of the National Party since 2007, and by-extension has been the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia since the Abbott Government swept to power in 2013.
One of the longest-tenured members of Australian Parliament, Truss has served his electorate of Wide Bay – north of Brisbane – since 1990.
So with Truss gone, we look down the line to who will fill the role of Nationals leader next.
Let’s see, here. Three Nationals currently in the Turnbull Cabinet… One of them is Truss, and he’s out. One is Nigel Scullion and he’s a Senator for the more hard-lined Country Liberal Party which isn’t really a true National party, so he’s probably out. Only one other, and that’s…
Ohhh no.

The next highest ranking member of the National Party by a MILE and the one seemingly most likely to step into Truss’ role is Minister for Agriculture BARNABY JOYCE.
As in, “once threatened to have Johnny Depp‘s dogs put down” Barnaby Joyce.
That guy, more than likely, is the nation’s next 2IC.
Which if true means that on the odd occasion when Malcolm Turnbull is out of the country on official business, or if – heaven forbid – he comes down with the flu, Barnaby Joyce would then become the ACTING PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA.

In Australian politics, apparently you just kinda fail upwards.

Source: ABC News.
Photo: Stefan Postles/Getty.