Australia A Likely Destination For Disgruntled Mitt Romney Supporters

In news generated from a very small sample size of the melodramatic things people say on the internet, at least 30 Mitt Romney supporters with Twitter accounts, opinions and a non-committal approach to where they rest their heads at night have threatened to move to Australia should the Republican POTUS candidate and part-time baby hugger lose the presidential elections to noted Jay-Z bestie Barack Obama.

Much like the downpour of non-serious “I’m totally moving to Canada if John McCain wins” Twitter threats last election, nothing of real political value is to be gleaned from jokey political tweets, of which there aren’t really that many, but it’s fun to guess why Prison Island has leapfrogged Canada as the landing spot du jour for exasperated drama queens who would prefer to bundle their possessions into a bandana and move halfway across the world than live in a country in which the candidate they voted for didn’t win.

New Twitter rule: if you say you’re going to move somewhere if someone doesn’t win an election, you actually have to do it. We’re looking at these people…

Read 33 more over at Buzz Feed. We hope these guys are aware that Obama would win by a factor of 14 to 1 if Australians could vote in this year’s US Presidential elections. So, you know, maybe try those guys next door in New Zealand?

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images