These Two Aussies Made An Anti-Gun Ad That’s Going Viral In America

These Two Aussies Made An Anti-Gun Ad That's Going Viral In America

A video created by two Australians, Alex Little and Karsten Jurkschat, for student-led anti-gun organisation March For Our Lives is going viral around America in the wake of the latest mass shooting in a Colorado school.

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The video, made pro bono, features the genuine reactions of shock, confusion and even tears of staff in an American workplace as an 11-year old girl is brought in to help them learn what to do in the case of an active shooter. It’s the same advice and drills school kids are learning and regularly practising in the US.

Speaking to the ABC, the creators say the inspiration came from their own experiences with emergency drill training and how disengaged the staff were after two years of living in the US.

We kind of said to ourselves, ‘What if a kid was running this thing? What if a kid was up there telling us how to survive?’” said Jurkschat.

There wasn’t a lot of gift-wrapping around this. It’s what kids in America learn in school. And it’s putting it in an interesting environment, which is an adult situation,” added Little.

The pair say they wanted the reactions to be real, they didn’t use actors. But they were rejected by 40 workplaces, some because of retaliation fears from pro-gun lobby groups.

You can watch the full ad below.

Since its creation a month ago, the video has gone viral. The creators suspect it had a lot to do with the Colorado shooting just days after its release, in which one student was killed and eight others were injured. Whatever the reason, it’s grabbed the attention the people, politicians and celebrities.