David Jones are well known for their extravagant and enticing window displays at Christmas, but apparently Australia’s expectations for them are way higher (and wayyyyy more specific) than the retail chain expected. 

People are getting pretty shitty about this years window displays, which feature ‘colouring book’ style images by an Aussie illustrator, James Gulliver Hancock

David Jones said this in an online statement: 

“This year’s Christmas Windows were inspired by the timeless love children have for colouring. 

We commissioned celebrated illustrator, James Gulliver Hancock to draw our Christmas story, ‘The Expedition of the Elves’. We’re excited that James will appear live in the windows to colour in scenes from the story in December. 

David Jones is committed to providing a great community offering that celebrates Christmas for people of all ages.”

But, in a manic display of misdirected keyboard warrior-ing, Australians are legitimately concerned that the displays are ‘not festive’ because of that fabbo ol’ chestnut, ‘political correctness’. 

On DJ’s Facebook page, people are complaining that the displays are clearly ‘not Christmassy’ because the company has a ‘PC spokesperson’ (Adam Goodes), or because they are catering to minorities. Yeah… seriously. 

Here are some of our absolute favourites:


Images & story via Facebook