Folks, here we go. The survey forms asking people to tick Yes or No to the question “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?” have started arriving in the mailboxes of people all around Australia.

One of the main concerns of the Yes side has been making sure that people who are in favour of marriage equality actually get out and return their ballot, especially as a large chunk of that group are young people who may not be as used to posting letters.

With the influx of forms being received, people have started to post images of themselves with their ballots, filling them out, and returning them. The hashtag #postyourvote is starting to gain momentum, as people are encouraged to immediately return the form, and use the hashtag to show them doing it.

This will hopefully remind and gently nudge people into doing the same, instead of putting down the form in the pile of other bills and letters they have and forgetting about it (as honestly I would be likely to do).

Australian Marriage Equality kicked it all off this morning.

Then pollies and the public got behind it.

I know you keep hearing it, but it keeps being extremely important. You gotta return that ballot, and the easiest way is to do it the very day you get it. Be a champ.

Image: Getty Images / Don Arnold/ Twitter