Aussies Say #ThankYouRosieBatty For The Anti-DV Crusader’s Impact In 2015

If, even for a moment, you’ve ever questioned why exactly this country gives out Australian Of The Year awards and what calibre of human deserves the honour, check out this incomplete (!) list of Rosie Batty’s good deeds done after being awarded last year:

That’s a fair crack of the whip, by anyone’s standards.

As Australia Day draws near, bringing with it a new Australian Of The Year recipient, social media is giving Batty another round of applause for raising the national level of rhetoric around family violence in 2015.

The specifics vary, but the core message is simple: #ThankYouRosieBatty.

After all that, some are asking one final question:

Still, if our newly-nominated peak Aussie is equally as stellar in 2016, we might just be alright. 

Photo: Stefan Postles / Getty / Twitter.