A report released today into the nightmare state of the Australian rental market has prompted hundreds of you to share your gag-worthy, spine-chilling and generally Very Bad™ horror stories of the Aussie rental scene.

The report, released by consumer group Choice, looked at several aspects of the unstable and stressful lives of Australian renters, finding – among other things – that 55% of young renters are being discriminated against by landlords.

And then on top of that, it found that we’re all so worried about being blacklisted by agencies or having our rents increased, we’re disinclined to ask landlords for basic things like, idk, fixing the stove.

Here’s the top ten problems the report found renters experienced:

Aussies Are Sharing Their Rental Horror Stories Via #RentInOz & It’s Baaaad

But tbqh with you, those ‘problems’ seem like child’s play to the absolutely fucked stories y’all are sharing online.

Here is a very, very small sample: 

Guess it’s finally time to accept our fates and buy a hous– oh.

Photo: Trainspotting.