It might have been common knowledge for, oh we dunno, forever, but a new study has confirmed that women may be paying up to 7% more over their lifetime on everyday stuff that’s otherwise identical to the gear their male counterparts buy. How’s that for some friendly info, right before Chrissy?

Aussie Women Told To Buy ‘Men’s’ Products To Dodge The Bullshit ‘Pink Tax’

The price difference on clothes, toiletries, and even things so devoid of gendered context like pens and calculators has been called out by the study from the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, and their Aussie counterparts at Choice have had a crack at the so-called ‘Pink Tax’ too.

They told the ABC “big brands and retailers try all manner of tricks to get consumers to pay a premium unnecessarily… it’s important to look past the neatly massaged messages on the pack to determine what you’re actually getting for your money.”

Aussie Women Told To Buy ‘Men’s’ Products To Dodge The Bullshit ‘Pink Tax’
Choice’s advice for women looking to stop getting conned by needlessly expensive stuff? Shop in the men’s section. 

“Ultimately, your best defence against the pink tax is to look past the pink products and seek out the best value on offer, which may well be in the men’s department,” says the mag.

Alternatively, we could just stop trying to wring cash out of half the population by marking up ubiquitous shit needlessly, but whatevs, right? 

It’s not even as if the often tiny margins companies are making from said products – as displayed in this article’s own handy-dandy header image – are wallet-killers on their own; but all of those costs accumulating over a lifetime? The NYDCA report reckons the extra costs can rack up into thousands of dollars, just for being a lady. And that’s just not cool at all. 

Story: ABC.
Photo: Tumblr.